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To celebrate the launch of Get Backed, the handbook for raising money and launching the venture of your dreams, we're releasing a limited-time, incredible offer to get bonuses that could land you millions when you buy multiple copies. Here's what you can get.


Raise Your Next Funding Round for Your Venture

Buy 1,000 books ($27,150) 

Get $100,000 in bonuses. (1 available)

Looking to take your venture to the next level? We will do everything in our power to get your venture funded, including:

  • Hands-on consulting over 4 weeks--we'll coach you through every step of the fundraising process.
  • A professionally designed pitch deck crafted by us. 
  • A fully-formed financial model for your business with assumptions. 
  • A full day of one-on-one coaching on pitching and having conversations with investors
  • At minimum 10 specially targeted introductions for you based on your business and fundraising goals

*Results, obviously, may vary, and there are not guarantees.

Free Trip to SXSW Interactive + Dinner with the Evans and Their Favorite Entrepreneurs

Buy 300 books ($8,150)

Get $15,000+ in bonuses (2 available)

Get a free trip to SXSW interactive, one of the top startup conferences in the world + dinner with the Evans favorite entrepreneurs.

  • When you come, you'll get 2 hours to talk about lifelong strategies that can make you millions of dollars.
  • 1 SXSW Interactive Badge
  • Hotel for 2 nights, food, drink, and roundtrip economy airfare from anywhere in the U.S for 1 person
  • You’re welcome to invite one friend or colleague to join in on the fun. 

Let Us Design Your Investor Deck for You

Buy 300 books ($8,150)

Get $15,000 in bonuses (3 available)

If you're a first-time founder raising money, you need this package. We'll design your pitch deck for you, plus give you 2 hours of hands-on coaching on how to approach your fundraise.

  • A professionally designed deck--we'll craft your storyline and make your investor deck sing. 
  • 2 hours consulting to layout your fundraising strategy. 
  • Pitch feedback and coaching. 

A Pitch Deck Template, Financial Model Builder, and Exclusive Community

Buy 10 books ($271.58)

Get $800 in Bonuses (100 available)

We custom designed this package to help founders get a huge jumpstart on their ventures. Join a group call with the Evans as they talk through exactly how to create your pitch get in front of advisors, investors, and partners. Then, send your deck and a video of you pitching your venture and we'll send back a minute-by-minute, slide-by-slide breakdown of how to take it to the next level.

  • Pitch deck templates (PPT and Keynote), excel financial models, and email scripts for raising your next round. 
  • 1 hour group call with Q&A to talk through how to create your pitch and get in front of investors, advisors, and partners.
  • Send your deck and a video pitch and get back a slide-by-slide, minute-by-minute breakdown on how to make it amazing.