“...the essential guide to launching a company--not only raising money, but also raising relationships”

Adam Grant, Wharton Professor and NYT Bestselling Author, Give and Take


"This book gives you the playbook for creating your pitch deck."

Naval Ravikant, Cofounder of AngelList


"I raised twice the amount of money I set out to in a mere five weeks. I'm naming my firstborn child after the Evans."

-Slava Menn, CEO of Fortified Bicycle


Get Backed isn’t just about startup fundraising. It’s a handbook for anyone who has an idea and needs to build relationships to get it off the ground. 

Over the last 3 years, entrepreneurs Evan Loomis and Evan Baehr have raised over $50 million for their own ventures, including the second largest round on the fundraising platform AngelList. In Get Backed, they show you exactly what they and dozens of others did to raise money--even the mistakes they made--uncovering the secrets of the world’s best storytellers, fundraisers, and startup accelerators.


Get the pitch decks of companies who raised over $150 million.

See exactly how 15 ventures raised over $150 million. For each venture, we show how they raised money,  the mistakes they made, and then show you excerpts from the actual pitch decks they used to pitch investors. 


But your deck is just the beginning. You will also learn a step-by-step process that can be used to meet and build relationships with anyone, from investors to board members to potential cofounders. 


“Get Backed is the essential guide to launching a company—not only raising money, but also raising relationships."


Wharton Professor and NYT Bestselling Author of Give and Take


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“Even the best business plan will fail if you can’t pitch it well. Read this book to make sure that you can.”


Cofounder of Judicata and Co-Author, Zero to One


“This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to raise money and build genuine relationships with investors.”


Cofounder and Managing Partner, Techstars


About the Authors

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Evan Baehr is the cofounder of Able, a tech company committed to growing the “fortune five million”—small businesses around the United States—with collaborative, low-interest loans. He’s worked at the White House, a hedge fund, and Facebook and is a graduate of Princeton, Yale, and Harvard Business School.




Evan Loomis loves helping startups launch and raise capital, mentoring entrepreneurs through Techstars and Praxis. He is the President of Clarion, heads up Corporate Strategy at Corinthian Health Services, and is the Founder of Tradecraft, a venture fund and consultancy for high growth businesses. His first startup was TreeHouse, a first-of-its-kind home improvement store specializing in performance and design. Evan also co-founded a national angel investment group called Wedgwood Circle. Evan got his start on Wall Street after graduating from Texas A&M University. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Brandi, and their son, Ward.


The skills you need to raise the money, get expert feedback, and build partnerships isn’t just an X-Factor that some people have and others don’t.

On the contrary, it can be decoded. There are specific habits and tools that aspiring entrepreneurs can cultivate to dramatically increase the likelihood that their ventures will succeed. We give you those skills and tools in Get Backed.

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